Veggie Plan Ahead Monday

Menu planning in advance, so my vacation won’t interfere with some healthy eating. I have a friend coming into town over the weekend, so eating then will be a little more spur of the moment. This way I’ll at least have an alternative plan in case we stay at the house.

Monday: Beef-less and Broccoli Stir fry with Brown Rice

Tuesday: Black bean cakes with cilantro tomato salsa over salad greens with baked blue corn chips and some pre-made soup in my pantry

Wednesday: Riblets and Tots – a no veggie wed just for Cheryl!

Thursday:  Pasta with veggies and marinara sauce and a Cesar salad (cook up big batch brown rice for sat)

Friday:  Chick’n pot pie with more veggies than anyone ever thought possible with a whole wheat pastry crust

Saturday:   Pineapple fried rice with Vegan Dad’s Balsamic BBQ Tofu or Maple Bourbon Tofu

Sunday: Grilled polenta topped with a grilled veggie pureed sauce

Monday: Hot dogs, burgers and all the fixings