Fat Smash Vegan Menu Planning Monday

Last week went well with our food plan and Thursday we get to add brown rice pasta and soy cheese. Woo hoo!! We both have lost weight and have been exercising several times a week. So far so good.

Breakfast of the week: Oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk with banana, apple, or blueberries

Sweet of the week: slow cooker sweet potatoes with cinnamon

Lunch Soup of the week: slow cooker white bean tempeh chili with butternut squash

** Salads with each meal **

Monday: slow cooker sweet and sour tofu (made with smoked tofu) over brown rice

Tuesday: slow cooker Indian dahl and okra – maybe eggplant too with brown rice

Wednesday: slow cooker eggplant  lasagna with salad

Thursday:  mexican burger topped with guacamole with green chili parsnips and spanish rice or mexi spagetti squash

Friday: vegan brown rice pasta mac and cheese with steamed veggies

Saturday: Asian tofu lettuce wraps with stir fried veggies

Sunday: slow cooker polenta with tofu ricotta, white beans, and marinara sauce


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