Rainy Monday Veggie Menu

Menu planning really is the way to go. I ate so much better last week and it didn’t take that much time to cook things up after work. I prefer to crock pot and hope to be back on that road by the end of the month. We also got a gas grill at a huge discount, so I want to get my veggie grill on too! There is a burner, so my plan is to cook on it once the weather gets truely hot.

I bought some whole wheat panko bread crumbs and will post the recipe later if all goes well with my baked tofu shake and bake idea. Greens were all the rage at the farmers market. I over bought perhaps a little too much, but they all looked so good. At least it’ll fuel some nutritious dense recipe experimentation.

Romaine salads and assorted pasta dishes will make lunch this week, with oat bran, flax, banana-zucchinni-pecan muffins made with stevia for breakfast.  So I’m starting off the week on the rigth foot. Also keeping track of my food again on sparkpeople. If you’re looking to get on track give it a try – it’s completely free. You can sign up and be my friend – I’m vegWriter there.

Marla and Dee’s wedding is this weekend and they are veg too, so I’m hoping for some good , easy eating for my weekend!

Monday: Baked southern tofu (fake shake and bake!) with steamed carrots, garlic balsamic broccoli rabe,  and mashed potatoes  — (make asparagus goat cheese pasta for tues lunch and zucchini oat bran muffins)

Tuesday: Roasted beet, goat cheese and arugula salad;  Veggie dogs with kale/beet greens cole slaw and potato salad — (make spicy peanut noodles  lunch)

Wednesday: Vegan Dad’s Cajun Chickpea cakes on a whole wheat bun with left over cole slaw, and steamed broccoli and not cheese sauce – cook any leftover greens for lunch

Thursday: Leftovers or chick’n bbq sandwiches with tator tots

Friday: Cook out at Marla’s wedding site

Saturday: Marla’s reception

Sunday: Unknown – traveling back from GA


One Response

  1. oh wow the cajun chickpea cakes looks WONDERFUL! great menu plan, it is fun to do huh!

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