Another Manic Vegan Menu Planning Monday

Last week was great. Hearing Natalie Goldberg and Patti Digh read was inspirational. Spring is finally here. I cleaned out my veggie beds, planted lettuce, spinach, an assortment of peas, and a bowl of micro greens. I also transplanted some summer squash babies that were out growing there space in my seed starter tray.

I can’t wait to start eating from my yard again this year, but the farmer’s market is ahead of me so I can still eat local ’till then.

Monday:   Whole wheat pasta with vegan sausage mushroom ragu and salad

Tuesday:  A variation of Slow Cooker Stuffed Acorn Squash with green beans almondine

Wednesday:  Slow cooker Tortilla soup and Quesadillas

Thursday: Sloppy lentils or veggie burgers

Friday:  Chicken patties with mashed potato and carrots

Saturday:  Indian

Sunday: in Ashville for vacation!


3 Responses

  1. That tortilla soup recipe looks delicious! I’ll have to turn the crock pot on next week and try it. 🙂 Hope your dinners turn out fantastically!

  2. I agree the tortilla soup looks good and cant beat crockpot recipes. I want to do the acron squash also, wonder how it would taste with no meat/meat sub in it.

  3. YUM! Great ideas here, thanks!

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