Quick and Cleaner Veg Menu Monday

I seem to be starting a trend of doing alot of events during the week.  So this week will also be super easy, and hopefully fairly mindless! Still eating out alot, but right now it can’t be avoided because of scheduling.

Monday:  Quesadillas and Spanish rice, then go see Natalie Goldberg at 7pm

Tuesday: Chicken patties, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans

Wednesday: Dinner out – last weight class woo hoo! (tofu/broc/greens soft tacos or black bean tofu)

Thursday: Dinner out – possibly taking this bracelet making class at Panopolie 5:30pm (no idea what I’m going to grab maybe a no-cheese subway veggie)

Friday:  Dinner out – going to hear Patti Digh speak at Panopolie at 6pm

Saturday:  Cook out – veggie burgers, cole slaw, and potato salad

Sunday: Whole wheat pasta with vegan sausage mushroom ragu and salad

Other veggie menus – get inspired:


One Response

  1. Wow, thanks for linking to me. That vegan sausage mushroom ragu sounds wonderful. I will have to try it sometime!

    Visit my blog anytime! Blessings!

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