Getting Ahead – Menu Planning Monday on Friday

You may not read this until Monday, but for once I’m actually planning my menu ahead of time (like I’m supposed to do), and shopping before the weekend. Yea me!

This week I’ve made dinner every night and brought my lunch everyday. It’s a big goal, but it feel nice to have met it.  I’m feeling better already! I also have a few entrees and soups in the freezer that I can pack as lunches, so no excuses for eating junk this week.

If I have good sweets in the house, I won’t go to places that will tempt me. I’m determined to lower my cholesterol in the next 3 months. Yes, I know fondue night may get  me, but I may also make a vegan version for me. Over the weekend I’ll have a fondue trial and see what makes the cut.

Soups for lunch and addition to dinners below:

To meet my cravings head on – healthier snacks:

Monday: Creamy pasta with chickenless strips, broccoli and bell pepper with ceasar salad

Tuesday: Vegan Dad’s Cajun Chickpea cakes with dirty rice

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Dublin Coddle with Vegan Sausages

Thursday: Veggie Enchiladas with dirty rice leftovers

Friday: Chickenless bbq sandwiches with french fries and cole slaw

Saturday: Dinner Club – 70’s theme fondue (vegan option) around the electric fireplace and Tom Collins

Sunday: leftover extravaganza or pepper steakless

Other veggie menus – get inspired:


2 Responses

  1. There seems to be some good fondues in the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.

  2. Your menu sounds seriously great this week. And big congrats on eating in every night and taking a lunch every day. That is a huge accomplishment!

    Your dinner club night always sounds so cool. Did I miss an initial post explaining more about it? Point me towards that, because I am intrigued!

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