Quick and Easy Menu Monday

Ok, last week we joined the Y so we can do more than complain about how big our butts have gotten. I’ll have less time to make dinner until I get used to time-shifting all my chores around.

I still want us to eat healthy, have leftovers for lunch, so a weekly plan is even more needed this week. Next week I’ll do more slow cooker meals, so maybe it won’t feel like I’m cooking at all!

Monday: Veg Enchiladas with Cuban black beans on the side, and arugula salad

Tuesday: Trader Joe’s chicken-less bbq on whole wheat buns with butternut apple soup and baked beans

Wednesday: Slow cooker veggie stew with corn bread and salad

Thursday: Chicken-less and rice Spanish style with salad

Friday: go out or pasta in

Saturday: Leftover chicken-less and rice and veggie soup

Sunday: Samosa Baked potatoes with soup and salad

Other Veg Menus (leave a link in the comments if I missed you):


2 Responses

  1. ooh, samosas sound good. That might go on my weekly menu, thanks!

  2. Thanks for pulling all the Veg links together!! This really makes this handy!


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