Post Christmas/Winter Solstice Veggie Menu Monday

Back at work today and determined to write more. When I don’t write here, I seem to cook more boring things. I love to try new things – even if they don’t’ work out so well.
I have a few articles to write for other blogs, but I promise to post at least one new recipe this week.

Happy New Year to you!!

Monday: Leftover tofurky with gravy, dressing, green beans, vodka lemon carrots

Tuesday:  Tofurky and Gimme Lean sausage jambalaya

Wednesday:  New Year’s Eve Dinner Party: Endive with cheesy filling, cream of spinach soup (or lentil spinach soup), grilled (or baked) polenta with goat cheese and veggie topping, chocolate almond mousse

Thursday: Go to Slow Food event and/or Leftovers and/or  a soup in the slow cooker

Friday:  Steamed Chinese dumplings and Thai carrot stir fry over jasmine brown rice

Saturday: Eat at Dawn’s and play games – do I need to being any food? Maybe another mousse…

Sunday:  Veggie balls over  whole wheat spaghetti with Cesar salad (yes I’m still obsessed with my Meyer Lemon dressing…)

Check out more menu’s here:

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One Response

  1. Is it already Monday?

    Tonight I made the vegetarian pot pie from La Dolce Vegan. R loved it – he said if I told him there was chicken in it, he’d be looking for the pieces. Anyway, if you like pot pie as much as we do, you may want to try that one out.

    I saw a chocolate mouse on A Lyon in the Kitchen last night. I’d switch out the almond extract with coffee extract because of the baby, but it was 3 ingredients and looked soooo good.

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