Organic Coupon Finder

With food prices rising, you can pick up some of the slack with coupons. There may not be as many coupons for organics, but they are out there. You just have to do some leg work.

Make sure to look where you shop. At your local co-op and/or Whole Foods stores you’ll find some coupons right in the stores. Since they focus on organic and natural foods, you can usually find coupons for the products you really use. Whole Foods usually has some store-only coupons in their brochures that advertise the specials of the month.

Don’t forget the free magazines at the registers either. Mambo Sprouts and Delicious Living often have great coupons in them that you can use at any store that accepts coupons. Sometimes you can find the product on sale and many regular grocery chains double coupons for an added bonus. Delicious Living also has a page on their website that links to printable coupons, so make sure to check there before you take your trip to the store.

Manufacturer websites are another place to find coupons. Some people also have luck emailing customer service with praise and asking for some coupons. Amy’s sent me some awesome coupons this way.

Here are a few links around the web that you should take a look at:

  • Sign up for Muir Glen’s Tomato Connoisseurs Club and you can print out a coupon for $1.00 off any Muir Glen product.
  • Organic Valley always has coupons to print out on their website. They have a great selection of coupons that usually include cheese, butter and milk.
  • Organic Valley’s sister site, Organic Prairie, has some coupons to print out for their organic meat. Right now that includes deli meat, hot dogs, steak and more!
  • Horizons Dairy has coupons for butter and Milk Plus DHA Omega-3.
  • Turtle Mountain’s sign-up will get you some of their non-dairy frozen dessert coupons by mail.
  • Stonyfield Farm also has some tons of yogurt coupons online for you to print out.
  • And Brown Cow also has coupons on their site, if they are your favorite brand.
  • Take Earthbound Farm’s quiz and they’ll send you a $1.00 off coupon for any Earthbound Farm product.

While Seventh Generation doesn’t make food, they do have great green cleaners and coupons. Another site to sign up with is HealthESavers. They change the coupons monthly, and right now they have a .75 off coupon for Tofurky.

Keep track of how much money you save and the amount of time that you put in. I think you’ll find it’s really worth your while.


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