Happy Holiday Season Veggie Menu Monday!

Today I finally feel better. Woo hoo!! I think I caught a head cold in the middle of my virus and it wasn’t pretty. I have tons to catch up on, and I want to get the house cleaned and decorated. Then I can stop holding my breath and get in the holiday spirit 110%

Monday: Going out for Mexican, having an Anchor Steam Christmas Beer while I’m writing this and it is good!

Tuesday:  Some kind of Bean Stew with spinach and sweet potatoes – this week’s

Wednesday: Cesar Salad and Hazelnut Ravioli with a creamy sauce

Thursday: Steamed dumplings and Thai carrot stir fry with rice

Friday: Indian food with garlic naan

Saturday: Boca Chicken and gravy over rice

Sunday: Tofurky Panini

Check out more menu’s here:

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