Should there be a Veggie Menu Monday?

If there is an interest I’ll work to make it happen. I’d love to have a veggie haven and see all the veggie menus without sorting through all the rest. I would want us to post on organizing junkie’s website as well – I am not trying to take anything away from her site.

I think it’s nice for the meat eaters to have a few veggie recipes to choose from and we can get ideas from the meat eaters. But sometimes I just want to copy someones week instead of looking and thinking of my own – some Mondays are just that hard!


6 Responses

  1. Thanks!!!!!! I’d be happy to post both places.

  2. I’m just starting out menu planning, but I would definitely post! =)

  3. I will try.

  4. I haven’t done menu planning but think this is a fantastic idea! I want to go vegetarian (again) but am resisted by the house. “Ew.” I disagree but maybe if I had help with some tried-n-true menus…. 🙂

    So, yes, I would participate! Fantastic idea!

  5. The last couple of weeks have been crazy at school, so my menu plan has basically been what to order from take-out, but I’d love an all veggie menu monday!

  6. I’m not a vegetarian, but I love veggies!

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