It’s Menu Planning Time Again

Here it is Monday and I’m just deciding what to make this week. I’m a bad, bad menu planner! But a menu planner none the less…

Monday: Vegetarian Chorizo Chili Quesadillas (made on the new grill?)

Tuesday: Veggie Burgers on the new grill (also go ahead and grill extra veggies for later in the week) and couscous salad

Wednesday: Eat out – tofu with black bean sauce

Thursday: Lasagna made with tofu ricotta

Friday: Boca Chicken Patties Parmigiana over whole wheat angel hair and salad

Saturday: It’s Pride here in Durham – eat dinner out

Sunday: Leftover lasagna

Check out more menu’s here:

Here’s an excerpt of some the vegetarian menu planners:


4 Responses

  1. You even plan what you are going to eat on the ‘eating out’ nights (see Wednesday)? Maybe a step too far 😉

  2. Mmmmmm. Now you have me wanting veggie chicken parm!

    I didn’t realize you were in NC. Cool. I moved from Winston Salem 2 years ago.

  3. A new grill, I want a new grill! Looks yummy, and great idea linking all us veggie folks together 🙂

  4. Small world that we’re both making lasagna with VeganDad’s ricotta recipe. Thanks for linking all us “veggies” together!

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