It’s hot – drink more water!

With the overbearing heat here in NC, I have switched from trying to make myself drink enough water to actually craving it. I think the fact that I’m actually exercising doesn’t hurt either.

One of the tricks I have been using to cultivate these cravings is putting water in a glass pitcher in the fridge. It seems extra cold and refreshing. I have grown a variety of mints this year, pineapple, apple, chocolate, lime and orange. And I have some lemon balm and lemon verbena. So I have been throwing in a couple of springs into my pitcher. So far the orange mint-lemon verbena is my favorite. As soon as my cucumbers ripen I’ll throw in a few slices in with some lemon basil leaves.

All of them have been tasty and much cheaper than the mint water you can buy in individual plastic containers in the supermarket. Hmm…cheap, yummy, and better for the enviroment – I like it!

Also I was lucky enough to get my recipe for carrot salad and seared oyster mushrooms posted at the farmer’s market blog carnival. You really should go by Jen’s site and check out all the great posts! I’m going to have to try Lavender Farms’ Lavender Lemonade – I have tons growing, and haven’t made anything with it yet. Maybe I’ll have a few lemons ready on my dwarf meyer lemon tree and I can use those too.


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