Vegan – Zesty Escabeche Soy Cutlets

I found a new blog that I have a crush on – Rockin’ The Stove. Not only was the recipe I made from there amazing, she is also from Durham like me! And I went to a new restaurant (Toast) per her recommendation and loved it.

First off, I had no idea what Escabeche was, but she gives a step by step recipe with pics here. From that alone I knew I must have it for dinner. I had some asparagus that needed to be cooked, and I hadn’t had any friends over for dinner this week. So that sealed my decision.

Not knowing what exactly I had made I looked up Escabecheon on Wikipedia and they said:

Escabeche (of Spanish origin or from Persian sikbag; “acid food”) refers to both a dish of poached or fried fish that is marinated in an acidic mixture before serving, and to the marinade itself. The dish is common in Peruvian Cuisine, Puerto Rican Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, and popular in both Spanish cuisine and Provençal cuisine. It is usually served cold after marinating in a refrigerator overnight (or longer). The acid in the marinade is usually vinegar but can also include citrus juice. Escabeche is a popular presentation of canned or potted preserved fish, such as tuna, bonito or sardines.

So I guess it was a big faux pas that I had no pickled peppers to add. I just skipped it. At least I added the vinegar! Really I pretty much kept to the recipe exactly which is why I’m posting a link to her recipe. Plus, you really have to see her pictures of the dish.

I found another recipe at chef2chef for Vegetable Escabeche Dona Vito. It uses mushroom, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, and alot of different spices. I think I will try this one next time. Mostly so I can get the gist of escabeche.

It’s good to learn new things!


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  1. Thanks so much for this review and I am soooo glad you enjoyed the recipe!!!

    It’s so nice to meet other Durham veggie fans who love to cook and try new things. I really like your writing as well!

    Thanks so much for the very kind words,
    Chef Shirle’

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