Belated weekly menu

This past weekend was my bday, and I had a friend in town. Contrary to most visitors, my friend Diana always wants a house project to work on while she’s here. So in 5 days the side of my house has been transformed into a  beautiful space – from the eye sore it was to begin with. And a gate that you can open and close was installed! This seems amazing after going through the house for 4 years to avoid trying to get in and out of the thing that passed for a gate.

My garden is doing great so far and tues we ate a salad from my lettuce. That was very satisfying. So now I have planted seeds. Some in my two raised beds, but I decided to do a vining container garden that I am going to train to some trellis netting that I’m going to put up tonight or tomorrow.

In the beds are burgundy okra, and bush beans, nasturtiums, and tons of flowers – that’s in addition to my plants (6 kinds of tomatoes, eggplants, orange and red bell peppers, zuke and yellow squash, and of course lettuce and rainbow chard.

So onto my food fro this week so far:

Monday: went out

Tuesday: Arugula Pistachio pesto and broccoli – It was awesome!! Go check out the recipe here. VeganYumYum is becoming my newest hero…

Wedensday: Indian style chard chickpea rice. A one pot dish from veganomicon that turned out great as everything I have made from there so far.

Thursday: Potato asparagus soup inspired by veganomicon, but change the cooking method and alot of the spices, so I’ll post the recipe later. I also got a panini press fro my bday so I made my first ones with goat brie cheese and left over arugula pesto.

Friday: Vegetarian Pho from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker – but here’s a close recipe

I’ll post next week’s menu after I hit the farmer’s market in Durham. In Raleigh (on my lunch break), I got some freah onion, garlic, green garlic, cabbage, and broccoli – so there’s a starting point.

Have a great weekend and get out to your local farmer’s market if you can. Some things are cheaper, and all of it is super fresh. Let me know if you got anything good in your area.


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