Happy Earth Day!

I have been trying to eat more local food, and to reduce my personal impact as far as waste goes. Visiting a few local farms and cheese makers over the weekend got me thinking. They do an amazing job, growing food that I can be happy to buy from them. No pesticides, using well and pond water, rotating crops, and the food I saw growing was beautiful.

It’s amazing how many things I do mindlessly, so I am going to be more aware of what I’m doing and why. This should keep me more frugal as well. Next time you go to a fast food restaurant, really look at the amount of trash that’s generated in just that one meal. It’s amazing that we have are so distanced from our food, where our waste goes, and how our food is grown.

This week my meal plan revolved around what I bought at the market. I think that’ll help me not waste what I buy. Encourage me to really think about where the food came from, why I’m choosing to serve it to my family and friends – a cooking meditation of sorts.

I have been thinking about landscaping my yard – adding more food into the mix. Today I got a few bare root plants I’m going to use. They were on the sale rack, so if they don’t all make it I’ll be ok. I got 2 varieties of strawberries, black raspberries, blackberries, and 2 varieties of grapes. I have 2 blueberries already, though it looks like one of them may not make it through the spring.

I would really like to produce more food and put some away for the winter. Right now I have 10 tomato plants – 6 purple cherokees, a striped german, a pineapple, and 2 patio tomatoes. My hope is to at least freeze some, and I’d love to learn how to can.

It’s ambitious, and I won’t be able to do everything I want to, at least not all at once. But even if I get 2 tomatoes and a handful of green beans, it’ll be worth all the effort.


2 Responses

  1. canning tomatoes is easy, you don’t need a pressure canner either, because they are acidic enough. We make stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce, as well as salsa. It works much better than freezing because tomatoes can turn a funny texture in the freezer if they aren’t already made into tomato sauce or something similar.

  2. How do you know which farms grow with no pesticides? Maybe there is one close to me. Do you know if these people sell at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market/Whole Foods? Or do you have to go to their farms?

    Because I just realized today when reading the package that my organic frozen strawberries come from Serbia!

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