Sock update and the curry that shouldn’t have been

So you may have noticed that after my post about the rebirth of my sock, I haven’t posted another word. I have, in fact, made progress. and yes, I’m mad at it again. The leg went along fine, the heel, and at turning the heel the amount of stitches didn’t meld with the instructions. Why? Well, I still have some leftover of “not really paying attention” floating around.

The direction had me place 28 stitches on one needle, said nothing of the odd number on the other 2 needles (except for the fact there should be a total of 32). Or at least that’s what I saw when I read it about 4 times. Then I read it again when the stitch count seemed off, and yes I was supposed to be knitting the 32 stitches for the heel. I missed that part – the knit the 32, instead of plunging in with both hands and knitting whatever found its way on to one needle. From my single mindedness you would have thought it was 5:00 on Friday and that needles of 28 stitches was a frosty top shelf margarita.

So the plan is to not frog the sock. If I frog at this point no more socks will be cast on my needles and I have sock yarn for at least 5 more pairs. I will try to improvise from here and get the pattern right for the foot. Unfortunately this is my first patterned sock, so I have to put on my big girl pants and get it done. Yes, the second sock will be a little different. At least it will if I can learn from my  past mistakes! Unless I make them again on purpose… I don’t think I can cope with that right now. The plan is these socks will be mine to wear, and while the mistakes might bother me a little I will be happy having non-perfect hand knit socks on my feet. And maybe the next pair I make I can actually give to someone.

Dinner last night was not the best. It was my first time trying Indian Cauliflower and Kidney Bean Stew with Coconut milk from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. I added some Thai curry paste after we ate to doctor it up, so maybe I will buck up and eat the leftovers. It was kinda bland – even when I added more spices.  So hopefully it won’t meet its fate at the composter. I make no guarantees…

On the bright side the white chili was smelling yummy before I left the house – I have high hopes for it. and I’m getting a massage tonight, so I may actually relax!


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  1. good luck with the sock! It always sucks when the patterns are confusing and I too, always seem to figure the pattern out after i’ve made some huge multiple row mistake.

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