Gearing up for menu plan monday

You too can participate in Menu Plan Monday, just go over to I’m an Organizing Junkie

Ok, I’m posting my draft on Friday again just in case life is too busy this weekend. This pasta dish looks like a yummy backup as well.

Last week went pretty well, though I didn’t make the nut loaf or split pea soup. We ended up going out with friends on Friday, and then Sunday got away from me and 6:30 was far too late to start cooking dinner. So we had frozen mexican from trader joe’s.

Monday: Leftover nut loaf and various veggies with salad Since I didn’t make nutloaf…. Boca Chicken Parm on whole wheat angel hair pasta, with salad and steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Anniversary Dinner(out? or special dinner in with lightlife steak strip made into pepper steak stir fry with wonton soup)

Wednesday: Dinner out before concert at Carburritos Boca burgers with organic fries and broccoli cole slaw. went to Twisted Noodle for Tofu red curry and jasmine rice – yum!

Thursday: baked potatoes cooked in the crockpot served topped with chili and cheese – steamed green veg and carrots on side

Friday: soup and salad (crockpot split pea parsnip or wonton)

Saturday: eating at Dawn’s – maybe make a lentil chili or pasta dish there

Sunday: Indian – dal, mixed veg curry, brown basmati rice and garlic naan (I love Kitchens of Indian – just open the foil bag, heat and serve!)


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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. Have a great week.

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