Oatmeal and noodle soup kind of day

I may not be feeling too good today, but I am still eating well. I just finished some Thai noodle soup (lemongrass flavor) from Thai Kitchen, which is my veggie version of chicken soup – only no chicken and nothing crappy in it. I grew up on Campbell’s soup – nothing much natural there!

I thought this would be a good day to praise oatmeal. Here in Durham it’s cloudy and raining, and in the 50’s. Definitely a change from 70 degrees on Sat., now that was a nice day! But back to oatmeal – it’s healthy, fairly cheap, and there’s nothing like waking up to it ready and waiting in the crockpot in the am.

Crockpot Oatmeal

serves 2 large portions

3/4 cup steel cut oats
2 cups water

Sleepily throw these two ingrdients in a small crockpot,like the little dipper.
(If you use a larger one you may need to add extra water and definately cook it on low.)

And then plug it in, the little crockpots cook on low. You can oil the pot first so you have no oatmeal sticking to the sides, but I just soak it all day and the stuck oatmeal comes right out. Plus the dog loves the leftovers as an afternoon snack.

Cook all night and wake up to breakfast!


  • Chop a peeled apple and put a handful of frozen blueberries in the mix with cinnamon – then cook all night
  • Add a handful of dehydrated strawberries and same ground ginger in after cooking
  • Add Orange flavored cranberries with a touch of cinnamon
  • Try it with other fresh and frozen fruit and let me your favorites!

I know you can use other styles of oats in the crockpot, but I’m not sure of the water to oats proportion.


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  1. […] All you do is add water and oats and cook on low while you sleep. Here’s a link to one recipe. But if you are pressed for time you can now get your oatmeal prepared by a barista. It’s […]

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