Housewife Wannabe

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not looking for a husband. I already have a partner, thank you. And I don’t think badly of those of you that are housewives or sahm. In fact, I envy the fact you are at your cozy house right now, while I am here in my office.

Granted, I do have my own office and it even has a window that my back gets to ‘see’ all day. We are not allowed to turn our desks so we could actually look out the window, I guess that would ruin productivity. I am a nonconformist, artsy person trapped in the corporate world. Just seeing exactly how far I can push the business causal dress code. Crocs anyone?

I just wish I had more time to do things I really want to do. And that would include sitting on my deck, working in the yard, knitting, all while a yummy meal was cooking up in the kitchen.

But in reality I am screwing off at work, writing this instead of working. And when I’m done here I think I’ll surf a bit at Ravelry…I love that site, it’s really brilliant. I am queuing up tons of projects that I want to make.

Tonight I should finish my garterlac bath rug from “One Skein Wonders”, and I have to decide what to try my hand at next. If my order from KnitPicks comes in today with a set of harmony dpn, I am sure it will be socks! My second pair, the first went over pretty well once I went to to learn the kitchener stitch, the book I was using was not correct. There is always the chance that I just misunderstood it, but KnittingHelp was super clear and the second sock (in my first pair) will most definitely outlast the first one.


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